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Introducing: Pathos

Pathos Distortion

The Abasi Pathos distortion pedal presents an impassioned appeal to the varied sonic needs of the modern guitarist. Designed to retain the feel of an American-style tube amp channel, its versatility is derived from the “smooth” and “edge” voicings that range from an emotive crunch all the way to scorching, yet controlled distortion and sustain. The two voicings can be sculpted with a set of musically-tuned EQ shelves and mid control, as well as potent gain and level controls.

It is these precision tools that allow Pathos to encompass the functionality of several dirt boxes in one – be it a push to a driven amp, a full-on distortion channel in front of a clean amp, or a boost in front of a digital modeler. Crafted in the USA by Tosin Abasi in conjunction with Brian Wampler, Pathos is the choice for any discerning guitarist seeking an array of distortion flavors to emote their musical story.

✓ Crafted in the USA by Tosin Abasi in conjunction with Brian Wampler
✓ Designed to retain the feel of an American-style tube amp channel
✓ “Smooth” and “edge” voicings range from emotive crunch to scorching, yet controlled distortion and sustain
✓ Musically-tuned EQ shelves and mid control, as well as potent gain and level controls
✓ High-grand components selected for their superior sound and response
✓ Top-mounted jacks make pedalboard placement effortless
✓ Relay true-bypass switching doesn't affect your tone when disengaged
✓ Soft-touch footswitch will last for years
✓ Includes limited 5-year warranty
✓ Battery connection and 9v power jack

Customer Reviews

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Giovanni Vestrini

Pathos Distortion

Ethan Fuchs
Very versatile

I am thrilled with this purchase. It's an extremely versatile pedal. You can dial it in for beautifully rich and colorful leads, to downright disgusting metal tones. I love how "tight" it feels.

I am new to pedals, always been a modeler, and this one has definitely been one of my favorite pedals so far to dial in.

Jason Tortorici
Great pedal

After using this for a few rehearsals and gigs, it’s a great pedal. It definitely took some time for me to understand how to get the most out of it but now that I’m familiar with the pedal it can deliver a wide variety of tones. One note - the volume must be set quite high for unity gain when the gain knob is set below noon.

Too much compression???

Just got mine, I do like a lot about it, but when playing low frequency notes I think that there is just a bit too much compression. Fast or hard low frequency notes seem to be quieter than lightly played slower notes. I get that it's trying to duplicate a tube amp's natural compression effect, but I think it compensates just a bit too much for my taste. It's more than what my Dual Rect of Engl Fireball does. Would love to know if that can be adjusted. I do love the gain / compression when doing leads. It's just the compression with Rhythm playing

Hey Dave! Thanks for picking up the Pathos. It sure does have a LOT of low end on tap, which can be useful for retaining thickness across a range of amps or sims. Without hearing an example or knowing about your signal chain, I'm guessing the compression you're talking about comes from having too much bass dialed in on the Pathos, which results in a lot energy hitting whatever comes next in your signal chain (like the amp itself). Try turning down the Bass knob quite low - you can go lower than conventional pedal settings and still retain enough low end without making the tone sound weak or anemic. That should help out with the compression artifacts you're describing. Hope this helps!

Nick Brayzin

I'm stoked this pedal is on the market. I just wish it was available 15 years ago.