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ABASI Concepts Experience // NOV 19

The first-ever Abasi Concepts Experience is here! We’re hosting a private, limited-capacity live event at an iconic recording studio in Los Angeles, CA on November 19th.

The event will feature a day of in-depth masterclasses, performances, Q&A sessions, as well as an opportunity to connect with six Abasi Concepts artists in one event: Dante Frisiello, Colin Cook, Justus West, Joshua De La Victoria, Stephen Taranto, and Tosin Abasi.

We will also be making some brand new product reveals and extending special pricing to attendees on current inventory of Abasi Concepts guitars & pedals. We look forward to sharing some great music and epic guitar playing with you very soon!

Location: North Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA
Time: 1pm - 8pm

Details subject to change. Specifics on location and itinerary will be provided before the event via e-mail to attendees. By purchasing this ticket, you agree to our Event Policy, which be found HERE.

Customer Reviews

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Don’t miss this out on this...

For the lucky few who were able to attend this event, we spent a day in guitar heaven. A full day in an incredible Hollywood studio with some of the world’s most amazing players. In between songs, they take time to share technique, answer questions, and share their vast experiences to a very small group of like-minded musicians. Between sets, you’re surrounded by cutting edge instruments and gear that you are encouraged to plug in and let fly!

Each artist had their own unique spin on a guitar masterclass which yielded some incredible and diverse results that spoke to a wide array of musical contexts.

Truly one of the best events I’ve ever attended. I was blown away at the humility, kindness, general awesomeness of these artists. They all genuinely seemed to enjoy being in the company of fellow musicians and treated everyone in attendance as if we were in their club. The intimacy of the venue meant that it felt like you were invited to an exclusive industry event where top artists gather to coalesce ideas, theory, and technique. The attendance group was full of friendly faces who were excited to share in this amazing experience regardless of profession, skill level, or genre preference.

Then if all that wasn’t worth price of admission – you get direct access to these incredible and difficult to find instruments. I am now the proud owner of an Abasi ēmi8 along with a photo of the man himself playing It.

It literally doesn’t get any better than this.

Great experience

Well worth it. Will definitely attend if there is another. All the artists were super cool and friendly. Everyone was excited to be there. I honestly don’t know how it could have been better.

Best $150 Ever Spent

If this runs again, do yourself a huge favor and go. Set the nerves and anxiety aside, because the knowledge you acquire here and the access you gain to the world of guitar afterwards is not something worth missing.

I'm a complete novice but bought in anyways, and was able to ask some of the best guitarists in the industry open-ended questions of my choosing while also being able to network and small talk with like-minded musicians & producers.

You'll most likely walk away surging with newfound passion for guitar & music in general, regardless of skill level. Plus, much to my delight, everyone there was extremely friendly and approachable.